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COVID UPDATE: Please contact your provider prior to your appointment to discuss whether they're offering in person sessions.  Danielle Miyazaki will only be offering Online Sessions at this time. 

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Nutrition Approach

Our dietitians/nutritionists will work with you as an individual to help you reach your goals for recovery. Everyone’s recovery journey is different, but everyone can find full recovery from their eating disorder.  We work from an Intuitive Eating perspective, reconnecting you to your own unique food likes and dislikes and helping you get to a point where you can attune to and trust your body's own cues for hunger and fullness. We recognize that you will need some structure and guidance as you begin this work and we will meet you wherever you're at in this process. At Village we believe all bodies are GOOD bodies.  We have a body-affirming approach, known as Health At Every Size®, and work to create a nurturing space free from weight stigma.  Begin this work today!

We’ve been collaborating together for over 5 years to support our patients in finding hope and recovery. We see ourselves as members of your village, to come alongside you and help you feel at home in your body.

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Nutrition Counseling

Specializing in: Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating, GI disorders, Sports Nutrition

"'Village' is a place where all the sadness of an individual can be healed by a little happiness of being present in a Village." 

-Tridip Pandey

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