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Mental Health Description

Mental Health Therapy

Ocean Rocks

We use an approach for counseling called T.E.A.M. which stands for testing, empathy, agenda setting and methods. This unique framework combines these four elements to speed recovery. Here’s an overview:

  • Testing: We measure how you’re feeling before and after each session, which gives us real time information on how helpful the session was, but also, if you are feeling better over time. 

  • Empathy: All counseling work is built on a solid foundation of empathy, where you are heard, understood, cared for & respected. 

  • Agenda setting: Together we’ll explore your motivation for recovery- both the part of you that wants change and the part that doesn’t. This is key to being able to see rapid progress because we address any reluctance at the beginning of therapy.

  • Methods: We utilize over 50 techniques from all different therapies to help you create positive changes in how you’re thinking, behaving and feeling. These techniques come from CBT, DBT, ACT, RO-DBT, interpersonal therapy, & psychodynamic, among many others. Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why we use evidence-based strategies from all modalities.


There is more we look forward to sharing with you as we roll our sleeves up together and get to work.


Our specialties include eating disorders, depression and anxiety disorders, life transitions.

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